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The following is a list of representative cases.  Past results are not intended as a prediction or guarantee of future success. You should consult an attorney for individual advice regarding your own situation.

- Successful prosecution against a large, local commercial bank resulting in a verdict for underlying damages of approximately $250,000.00 and thereafter tripled and court added attorney fees.  Defendant bank appealed, losing said appeal which resulting in a total recovery of approximately $1,600,000.00.  The case was reported in the Massachusetts Appeals Court Decisions.

- Successful litigation against major United States automotive manufacturer resulting in substantial seven figure recovery.

- Represented a minor who was struck by a motor vehicle while waiting for a school bus, resulting in a substantial settlement in excess of $5,000,000.00.

-Successful prosecution of claim by investor against a substantial corporation that resulted in a return of twenty-five times his investment.

- Successful defense of a claim by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts against a salvage company that discovered and salvaged millions of dollars worth of treasure from the pirate ship, Whydah off the coast of Cape Cod.  The State made a claim for 25% of the gross value of the treasure which would result in the salvage company essentially receiving nothing since even though the treasure was estimated to be in excess of $50,000,000.00, the expenses involved were substantial.  To pay the State a gross amount of 25% would have required the sale of the treasure with the disruption of the historic value of the treasure being a complete collection.  The firm tried the case with the decision from the trial court in the client's favor.  The Commonwealth of Massachusetts appealed to the Massachusetts Appeals Court and thereafter the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts took the case based on its importance and published a substantial decision affirming the trial court's decision and determining that the State law was unconstitutional.  As a result of the firm's efforts the salvage company kept the entire treasure with no fee to the State.

-Successful prosecution of wage claim on behalf of municipal police department.

- Prosecution against the Massachusetts Department of Social Services for wrongly accusing the firm's client of abuse, resulting in a substantial verdict against the State, along with a jury indicating on the jury slip that the Department of Social Services should write a letter of apology to the firm's client. 

- Successful prosecution of wrongful termination and contract claims on behalf of departing Fortune 500 corporate executive and office.

- Successful defense of 22 plaintiffs toxic tort claim against a Fortune 500 company subsidiary after a three month trial.

- Local defense counsel for numerous private and publicly traded companies.

- Successful prosecution of a royalties claim on behalf of inventor against large corporation.

- Represented clients in successful divorce resolutions involving marital estates ranging from insolvency to excess of 10 million dollars.

- Represented businesses on a multitude of transactional services from general and business contracts to multimillion dollar acquisitions, transfers, and financing.

- Represented individuals and businesses on the purchase and/or lease of residential and commercial property valued in the millions of dollars.